Watercolor Graphic: Corvid Border. Gem-like, geometric wheels flanked by a raven and an American crow.

Commission Process

Commissions are open for custom art and graphic design, but turn-around times may be slow. 

Watercolor Painting: Henri in the Window With Gladiolus and Rosehips. A memorial pet portrait of a tabby cat, flanked by botanicals.

It’s a joy to help you tell your story, craft the mood of your living space, celebrate what you love, mark special occasions, and create meaningful symbolic mementos! 

To request a commission painting, contact me to schedule a free consultation by email, Zoom, or Skype. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for, your timeline and budget.

Once we reach an agreement, I take a 50% deposit to start working, with the balance due before shipment. Custom deposits are non-refundable, but your balance does carry over to store credit if you need to cancel a custom order before completion.

I work well from photographs, so live sittings are not necessary. The entire commission process works remotely.

Shop minimum for custom art is $60.
Pricing varies by complexity, cost of supplies, and time requirements. Please allow at least 4 weeks turn around time.
​US Shipping is free and includes tracking and insurance.

Memorial pet portrait: Henri In The Window With Gladiolus and Rosehips.

Working Together


I approach commissions in the spirit of true collaboration. I want to hear your ideas and requests! During your free consultation, we’ll discuss what is and is not possible within my skillset, the limits of paper, and considering your budget. If I think something won’t work or look quite right, I’ll guide you gently through other options. I’ve always got plenty ideas for you, and we’ll incorporate as much of your vision and requests as we can.


You can expect clear, timely, and courteous communication from me throughout the process.​

Watercolor Graphic: A ginko leaf bordered by a minimal, geometric wreath.

Custom ginkgo web graphic for botanical shop, Deep Rooted Apothecary.

Brushed Ink Drawing: Otter monster. A cute, woodland chimera.

Custom nonsense beast, Otter Monster, in brushed ink. Request a gargoyle or chimera made of the plants and critters you love the best! 

This weirdo critter is an otter, vulture, and wolf chimera with quartz, succulents, and snap dragons.


I’ll send you photos of rough sketches, and later, the final pencil layer before I start painting, so you have opportunities to make notes and alterations. We’ll ensure you’ll love your final piece! You’ll also get a photo of the final painting before shipping.


You can expect a beautiful finished painting of the same caliber as my portfolio. I bring two decades of experience in watercolor and ink painting, and fine attention to detail.


Not everything is for public consumption. Ordering a gift? I won’t leak a word or image online before you get a chance to share the painting with your loved one. No spoiled surprises! The same goes for any sensitive and deeply personal pieces—memorials, marked rites of passage, and sacred symbols. I’ll check in with you, and honor any requests to keep sensitive material offline. 

Pet Portait of a sweet, small dog named Dexter.

Pet portrait: Dexter. A very good boy.

I Do Not Do:

Hate Speech or Symbols


Copyrighted Images or Text 

Quotes must be original material or in the public domain.


Imitations of Other Artists

I work in multiple styles myself, and you can request any style or technique within my portfolio, in either my Signature or Interrobang collections. I do not offer master copies or undercut other contemporary artists.

Cultural Appropriation

No sacred or cultural symbols from closed religions or ethnic groups I don’t belong to. No dreamcatchers, feather headdresses, or indigenous images or patterns.

Fellow white friends, I can paint your patronus, your pet, your favorite animal, your dream animal, your muse animal, your critter friend, or your critter archetype, but I cannot paint your spirit animal because we don’t have those.


I do not do graphic sexual content, and I am not offering nude portraiture in commissions at this time. I will not paint suggestive portraits of others without their knowledge AND permission.

Submitting unsolicited nude photos will get you blocked.

Portraits of Third Parties Without Their Knowledge and Permission

If you would like to surprise someone with a gift portrait, we can make you a gift certificate. I would like any living person I paint to have an active say in how they are represented. I am happy to make an exception for memorials of deceased loved ones.

Portraits of Children Under 18 Without Permission From Their Parent or Guardian​

This is to protect kiddos and their likenesses.



Potentially Hazardous Misinformation


Ooo, vague, I know! Basically, propaganda and emotionally charged, visual finery for the causes of Truth and Justice only, please! No false or misleading medical, scientific, or political claims. (Fiction, satire, and nonsense are fine.)

​Anything else is open to discussion. I reserve the right to decline commission projects for any reason. The most likely reasons are a full schedule, or not being the right stylistic match for your project.