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Watercolor Graphic: Corvid Border. Gem-like, geometric wheels flanked by a raven and an American crow.

Spooky Graphic Design Services

Commissions are open for black & white graphic designs. Pease allow 4-8 weeks turn-around time. 

Evvie Marin Arts & Esoterica flyer with detailed ink illustration featuring the tarot Major Arcana

(Spooky) graphic design services are currently available in the media of digitized brushed ink and minimalist vector art. I blend the delicate & classic with the ever-so faintly macabre, center meaningful symbolism, and bring a contemporary twist to vintage aesthetics.

Contact to schedule your free consultation by email or Zoom.

The entire commission process works remotely. You will receive process materials with ample opportunity to request changes and make notes.


All graphics packages include a file guide with guidelines for usage and handy graphics tips for small businesses.

A 50% deposit is required to start working, with the balance due before delivery. Custom deposits are non-refundable, but your balance does carry over to store credit if you need to cancel a custom order before completion.

Expect collaboration, communication, process, excellence, & discretion from an artist with over two decades' experience in illustrating for print and web!


I look forward to working together to craft your visions!

Read client testimonials here.

I Kindly Do Not Do:

• Hate Speech or Symbols

• Copyrighted Images or Text 

• Imitations of Other Artists

• Cultural Appropriation


• Pornography


• Portraits of Third Parties Without Their Knowledge and Permission


• Portraits of Children Under 18 in commercial graphics


• Potentially Hazardous Misinformation (No false or misleading medical, scientific, or political claims.)


​Anything else is open to discussion & I look forward to chatting! I reserve the right to decline commission projects for any reason. The most likely reasons are a full schedule, or not being the right stylistic match for your project. 

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