Aleister, Oct. 2020. 4x6” Original mixed ink, watercolor, and gouache paint sketch.



    The Critter-Blots series comes from a studio warmup: a lighthearted, spooky-cute celebration of paint textures, cats, and critters. These pieces are all quick, improvised mini sketches done in mixed inks and watercolors, using a variety of loose texturing, brushwork, and decalcomania techniques. They make excellent gifts for the cat lover in your life, or decorative tributes for the cat shrines I assume most you have assembled on bookshelves, mantles, and table-tops in your own homes!

    5% of profits from the Critter-blots series gets donated to regional animal shelters and rescues at the turn of the New Year.

    Aleister Critter-Blot Sketch


    -One of a kind, original mini art. You get the only copy and each is unique! I don’t even make prints of this series.

    -Watercolor, gouache, and ink on Bristol Board. 

    -4 x 6 Inches.

    -Initialed on the front. Signed and dated on the back.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful and the textures are rich in person! 

    -Please note that sketches include more mixed media and are messier all around than finished paintings. Smudges and drips are a part of the charm! They are not pressed before shipping, but do ship flat and frame well.

    -Ships flat in a plastic sleeve between cardboard.