A handmade screen-printed patch of my original design, Arcana Fortuna. Good for vests, tees, jeans, totes, home decor, and altars.




    This piece is a beautiful emblem for clear guidance and good fortune, inspired by the tarot. Front and center I’ve overlaid the Wheel of Fortune in the style of a ship’s wheel with a compass rose for navigation and orientation. The wheel is bordered by the four tarot suit markers and Magician’s tools: staff, cup, sword, and pentacle. I’ve tucked shamrocks and roses in the corners. I associate the combo of clover and rose with the Fool. Clover stands for luck and humble beauty. Rose in this context stands for purity of spirit, open-hearted love, and delicious secrets.

    Arcana Fortuna 6x6"+ Patch


    -6x6” artwork + roughly 1” blank border

    -Hand printed in professional, Jacquard screen-printing ink on flannel.


    -The black ink is matte. The gold, copper, and silver inks are metallic.

    -Fabric has been pre-washed and ironed without detergent or fabric softeners.

    -Inks have been batch tested for color-fastness in the washer and dryer.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -I make all my patches by hand in small batches. They each contain little differences, slippages, and minor quirks/imperfections. The patch you receive may not exactly match the patch in the photo, but it will match the design and colors you select and be of equal quality.


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