A fine art print, made to order, of my original illustration, Art is Language, 8x10."




    This piece was a spot illustration for my blog post, Art Is Language. It's a reflection on living and breathing artistic creation, and the role art plays as a form of communication.

    Roses and succulents have similar geometric structures, with spiraling petal and leaves. The succulents are overtly geometric, with triangular, bracket shaped leaves. Roses’ softened, organic shapes occlude their geometry. Our perceptions of beauty and visual harmony are deeply mathematical. There are secret, structural codes running not only through nature’s forms, but through our tastes and perceptions of these forms.

    Succulents are tough, desert-dwellers who thrive in harsh, outdoor environments and indoors with minimal care. Roses are fussy beasts who need specific conditions to thrive, not unlike the Little Prince’s precious, abandoned rose. Art paradoxically thrives under adversity, yet requires tender care from its makers and keepers. It’s both resilient and fragile—a source of consolation and beauty when everything sucks, and a focal point of sacrifice.

    The Latin phrase sub rosa, under the rose, means to keep something secret or off the record. This symbolism dates back to antiquity and pops up all over Western European art, architecture, and politics. Susana Clarke plays with the theme in Dr. Strange and Mr. Norrell when the Lady Pole is bound “with a rose at the mouth”—a spectral rose, invisible to most, that prevents her from speaking of the (malevolent) Faeries.

    Our roses here nod to art’s ability to encode, transmit, and obfuscate secrets and stories from the waking, social world and subliminal, Other worlds alike.

    Art is Language Fine Giclée Print


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