Crow's Nest. 2020. Watercolor and ink on Bristol board. 8x10". Original watercolor painting.




    Crows are brilliant sculptors and weavers. This wild, woven nest of twigs, thorns, dried grasses and Void holds a portal to another world--an eerie but beautiful Upside-Down, where cave glow-worms spin their sticky nets from the parted chests of roosting mourning doves, and pearls drip among the slime-garden chandeliers.

    ​If you wander downward you will find things.


    Crow's Nest Original Watercolor Painting


    -Watercolor and gold ink accents on Bristol board. 

    -8 x 10 Inches.

    -Initialed on the front. Signed, dated, and titled on the back.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. 

    The colors are beautiful in person! 

    -Ships flat in a plastic sleeve between cardboard. 

    -Shipping cost includes additional shipping insurance to the piece’s value.