A fine art print, made to order, of my original design, Mocking Cricket, 8x8".




    These bitter treasures. A brown house cricket crawls out of the beak of a mockingbird, wreathed in false indigo, white bleeding heart, wormwood, and mockingbird feathers. Mocking Cricket is the name of my homespun, one-man, folk X goth band.

    Fauna: Crickets are fucking amazing, spring-wound, melodious boys. If you slow down cricket song and drop it by octaves, it sounds like an ambient choir. A home I visited once caught so many crickets just after my arrival, I was lovingly mock-accused of bringing down a plague. I hadn't of course (correlation ain't causation), but I may have egged on the infestation. If you sing to a wall where a cricket is hiding, it'll sing back. True story. It's a joke with a tender moral to wind cricket imagery into one's art practice: some things are worth doing and playing for the crickets alone. Not everything has to be grand or seen. Mockingbirds repeat throughout my work, and I encounter them often. Mimicry can be a clever trick, or itself a form of voice-loss through excessive repetition, masking, and obfuscation.

    Flora: False indigo, also known as rattle-weed, is a gorgeous, elegant perennial native to North America, whose purple summer flowers give way to deep, blue-brown seed pods by autumn. These give a very satisfying rattle when shaken, or rustled in the wind. Toxic if ingested, false indigo can be used to create a dark blue dye, much like true indigo. I use the seedpods for percussion, and to suggest unseen things drifting through the underbrush in audio recordings. The name of bleeding heart speaks for itself. Wormwood is a ruthlessly bitter, silvery artemisia--the slightly psychoactive signature ingredient in absinthe, beloved of  Belle Époch café society and intoxicated, arty ne'er-do-wells through the centuries. When cultivating wormwood, it is very important to pat its velvety, gray-green leaves and give it compliments for being the absolute FLUFFIEST. (I only know three things about gardening: water the soil, not the leaves; grant the bees personal space; and compliment what's working.)

    Mocking Cricket Fine Giclée Print


    -Fine giclée prints are made to order with archival inks on beautiful, heavy, watercolor textured paper with a bright, matte, white finish.

    -The size listed is the printed image size. Your print includes an additional 1" white border for matting and framing.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen, as all screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

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