A high quality photo poster, made to order, of my original painting, My Hive My Heart I: Bald-Faced Hornets and Nightshade in the Orchard. 16x20”.




    A bald-faced hornet hive shaped like an anatomical heart hangs on an apple tree in an orchard where nightshade creeps up among the weeds. It's fairly common for hornets and wasps to build nests around fruit trees like this in the wild. Apples grow trapped in the paper walls and rot on the branch, to the hornets' delight I'd imagine. 

    This piece reflects on how the heart contains one's connection to the hive mind. What happens when the hive harbors poisons, And what is poisonous to whom? Even the apples carry arsenic in the seeds. What nurtures and feeds in many ways can kill in others. Inviting things can be tart and sour while sweet. Beautiful, delicate, and small things can sting something awful. We take into our bodies the beauties and terrors of our environments and the collective mind of our species, and process these in ways we can neither fathom nor trace.

    My Hive My Heart I 16x20” Poster


    -Posters are made to order with archival inks and a heavy, Epson photo paper with a subtle satin finish.

    -I scan my artwork at high resolution and carefully retouch each image to insure excellent quality and crisp detail at poster scale.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen, as all screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -Posters drop-ship directly from the printer, a small family business in New York with excellent quality and customer service. Your print will be carefully packed and ship flat in eco-friendly wrapping. 

    -Manufactured within 4 business days. Prints usually arrive within 7 days after manufacturing, and sometimes much sooner, but the USPS shipping arrival dates are not guaranteed.

    -You will receive a shipping tracking number for any prints made to order. 

    -Gift-wrapping not available on prints made to order.