My Hive My Heart II: Fermented Honey On The Tongues of Bears. Watercolor on cold press paper. 8 x 10". July 2020. Original watercolor painting.




    A wild honeybee hive shaped like an anatomical, human heart drips honey into the hollow of an old pear tree, laden with ripening, green-gold pears. A North American Black bear, covered in bees, laps from the pool of rainwater and fermented honey with its long, pink tongue. In the foreground, Queen Anne’s lace and evening primrose grow. A crab spider crawls over the primrose. (There is always some spider or other among the flowers.)

    The orchard series reflects on the many ways we intake and process the outer world through our bodies, and the parallels between botanical and human forms. The heart is where the hive gets in, and it buzzes and rattles. This painting lingers on the intoxicating, at times overwhelming or cloying, sweetness of ecosystem and interconnection. The most formidable, powerful creatures can be gentle, graceful, and sensual. Some prizes are worth getting stung over. No orchard or garden, no matter how cultivated, exclusively harbors invited life. ​

    My Hive My Heart II Original Watercolor Painting


    -Watercolor on cold press paper. 

    -8 x 10 Inches.

    -Initialed on the front. Signed, dated, and titled on the back.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. 

    The colors are beautiful in person! 

    -Ships flat in a plastic sleeve between cardboard. 

    -Shipping cost includes additional shipping insurance to the piece’s value.