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    A high quality photo poster, made to order, of the Death card from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot concept art, 16x20”.



    Death in tarot symbolizes remarkable change and rites of passage as well your classic memento mori imagery. It’s about letting go of one phase to embrace the next, and leaning into the mysteries of one-way growth, points of no return, and uncertain journeys.


    In this design, sickle crescents frame upper and under-ground views of a night cemetery. The upper skeleton is the allegorical Death. Their right hand receives and their left hand releases. Tall and proud, They reign and They abide. Underground, the human dead dance in celebration, and lie in repose, all pushing up the dahlias, marigolds, mums, lilies, and willows. The stars in the vaulted night sky echo the grains of mica, stone, and muck in the soil.

    This print features concept art circa 2015 from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot, a deck in progress which I will be reworking in a new medium as I no longer use this fine marker technique. The initial concept illustrations will only be available as prints and posters. I’ve selected highlights from the deck in progress to feature in the shop, but you can order an 8x10” custom print or message to request a 16x20” poster with any of the images currently on the Spirit Vertigo portfolio.

    Spirit Vertigo Tarot Death 16x20” Poster



    ***Handmade items only ship to USA & CANADA.***

    Print to order items (prints, posters, and tee shirts) are available worldwide!

    Please convo to request an international order including handmade items or original artwork.


    US Shipping is $5 for orders up to $30, and $10 for orders over $30.

    International Shipping is $8 for orders up to $30, and $15 for orders over $30.


    Prints, posters, and tees drop-ship directly from the printer. Please allow up to a week of processing time for manufacturing. You will receive notification and a tracking number once your prints ship. Shipping from the printer usually takes 3-10 days. Prints and posters ship rolled. They flatten out when framed.


    Handmade items ship from Massachusetts via USPS, with tracking and shipping insurance. Original artwork priced at $100+ ships via UPS. Please allow 2-5 processing days for me to get to the post. Shipments usually arrive within 1-5 days of shipment from Massachusetts. Please contact me before placing your order if you need expedited shipping. 


    Your order may ship in multiple packages. Delivery times not guaranteed. Shipping delays are possible due to Covid.


    Your items are packed with utmost care to ensure safe arrival! Original artwork ships flat.

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