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    A fine art print, made to order, of the Wheel card from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot concept art, 8x10".




    The Wheel in tarot symbolizes life's ups and downs, natural cycles, the interconnected fates of all things, and the motions of Fates as personified beings. The still point in the center of the Wheel marks the intersection of choice, chance, and contract.


    In this design, the wooden wheel of human design is ringed by an ouroboros, a nod to serpents of alchemy and world mythology, and a symbol of the never-ending circular motions embodied and carried even by objectively finite beings--the infinite alternately trapped within or generated by the infinitesimal. In the background and edges, the elements come together in balance, with lightning, fire, and gusts of wind and dust above the ground line, and cavern pools and crystalline rock below.

    This print features concept art circa 2015 from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot, a deck in progress which I will be reworking in a new medium as I no longer use this fine marker technique. The initial concept illustrations will only be available as prints and posters. I’ve selected highlights from the deck in progress to feature in the shop, but you can order an 8x10” custom print or message to request a 16x20” poster with any of the images currently on the Spirit Vertigo portfolio.

    Spirit Vertigo Tarot Wheel 8x10" Print


    -Black and white prints & posters are made to order with fine quality, archival inks on beautiful, heavy, bright white, acid free, matte paper.

    -Digital prints drop-ship directly from the printer. Prints and posters ship rolled, and flatten out when framed. 

    -Gift-wrapping not available on prints made to order.


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