A handmade screen-printed patch of my original design, Spoonie Grit. Good for vests, tees, jeans, totes, home decor, and altars.




    Here’s one for you tough-cookie spoonies! (Whether you feel tough or not.)

    A spoonie is someone who lives with a chronic illness or invisible disability. The word comes from Christine Miserandino’s viral essay Spoon Theory, in which she uses a handful of spoons to demonstrate to a friend that chronic illness turns energy into a finite resource. You only get so many spoons at a time, the amount can vary from day to day, but once you’ve used them up, you’re out, and that can mean making difficult choices when you have more things to do than spoons to draw on.

    As a proud spoonie myself, with Celiac and Hypermobile EDS, the tarot Two of Swords springs to mind as I think about spoon-life in the context of tarot. Viewed through a spoonie lens, the somber, guarded, and conflicted imagery that marks a troubling state to the abled neutralizes to a routine baseline, with the potential to become a place of empowerment for those who occupy that space longterm. 

    Making difficult choices and prioritizing under challenging circumstances is a daily practice for those with health restrictions—one that can make us tougher and more self-aware. The pain that accompanies the suit of swords is a familiar presence to those with incurable illness, and while it may not be welcome, we can be proud of the strength it takes to endure and adapt to it. 

    The figure’s guarded posture and blindfold can be read as a retreat into the personal bubble—a welcome input reduction, and a claiming of space to regroup and recoup. Illness and limitations can be isolating, but they reveal who our true friends are. The ability to be selective about who we let close, and who we spend limited time and spoons with is powerful and often healing in itself. 

    Of course, this isn’t the only mental landscape that people with disabilities occupy! It’s one mood of many. May this image serve as a reminder of strength and grit on those tough days when this mood strikes.

    When the Two of Swords arises, this spoonie icon is constructively and contentedly guarded, holding their ground, and armed with both swords and spoons. The cane stands for the external tools and resources that extend our abilities, and the compass stands for the creativity and strategy we cultivate within ourselves and use for healing, endurance, and adaptation.

    Spoonie Grit 6x6"+ Patch


    -6x6” artwork + roughly 1” blank border

    -Hand printed in professional, Jacquard screen-printing ink on flannel.


    -The black ink is matte. The gold, copper, and silver inks are metallic.

    -Fabric has been pre-washed and ironed without detergent or fabric softeners.

    -Inks have been batch tested for color-fastness in the washer and dryer.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -I make all my patches by hand in small batches. They each contain little differences, slippages, and minor quirks/imperfections. The patch you receive may not exactly match the patch in the photo, but it will match the design and colors you select and be of equal quality.