A fine screen print of my original design, The Fool's Journey, 2019. 8x10".



    ​This epic print is packed with symbols representing each of the major arcana cards, the four minor arcana suits (wands/matchsticks, cups/drops, swords/arrows, and pentacles/gems), along with the life cycle of a moth.

    I see the moth’s metamorphosis as the perfect symbol for the Fool’s transformational journey, from Fool (caterpillar), through The Hanged Man (chrysalis), to the World (matured moth—in this case, an atlas moth). 

    Can you spot every card?
    The Fool: a hungry caterpillar and a hand holding a rose
    The Magician: a magician’s staff with a crystal point
    The Priestess: an open eye
    The Empress: a pomegranate
    The Emperor: a crown of sovereignty
    The Hierophant: a key
    The Lovers: an anatomical heart
    The Chariot: a horseshoe
    Strength: a lemniscate ouroboros
    The Hermit: a guiding candle flame
    The Wheel of Fortune: a ship’s wheel
    Justice: a sword and scales
    The Hanged Man: a hanging chrysalis
    Death: a skull
    Temperance: water pouring from a bowl to a pitcher
    The Devil: a pitchfork
    The Tower: lightning bolts
    The Star: stars in the sky
    The Moon: waxing and waning crescents
    The Sun: a rising or setting sun
    Judgement: wings in the sky
    The World: an atlas moth

    The Fool's Journey Screen Print


    -8x10 Inches.

    -Hand-printed on medium weight, acid-free card stock.

    -Matte finish.

    -Made with black Speedball screen-printing ink. 

    -Initialed on the front. Signed, dated, numbered, and titled on the back.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -Ships flat in a plastic sheet with a cardboard backing. 

    -I make all my screen prints by hand in small batches. They each contain little differences, slippages, and minor quirks/imperfections. The print you receive may not exactly match the print in the photo, but it will match the design and colors you select and be of equal quality.