A fine screen print of my original design, The Magician, 2019. 8x8".



    ​This design is for all you beautiful magicians, artists, queers, and shape-shifters following your compass and showing up to make stuff & make stuff happen in spite of limitations, portents, nature’s teeth, and human bullshit.


    In the upper left, a comet, long thought to be a sign of looming disaster in European folklore, stands for wonder and terror. Saturn represents limitations, restrictions, discipline, and meeting the finite nature of a lifetime with fortitude and action. The rainbow stands for hope and nature’s extravagance, with a nod to my LGBTQIA+ beloveds. The rainbow’s teeth stands for nature’s terrors, churning, and endless digestion. The sky is peppered with stars and eyes, a psychedelic nod to the unseen, spirit, and consciousness all around.


    Front and center, the Magician’s hand points and lets loose a spark, a sign of claiming personal agency, directing will, and making change even in the face of much larger, unmovable forces. A compass reminds us to stay grounded and oriented both in physical space and within a philosophical ethos. The compass chain winds around the Magician’s fingers in a lemniscate for immortality and continuity. The roses stand for beauty, love, and grace. Their thorns stand for grit, protection, and nerve, and remind us that even the smallest, softest life has its boundaries and its dangers.

    The Magician Screen Print


    -8x8 Inches.

    -Hand-printed on medium weight, acid-free card stock.

    -Matte finish.

    -Made with black Speedball screen-printing ink. 

    -Initialed on the front. Signed, dated, numbered, and titled on the back.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see onscreen, as all device screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -Ships flat in a plastic sheet with a cardboard backing. 

    -I make all my screen prints by hand in small batches. They each contain little differences, slippages, and minor quirks/imperfections. The print you receive may not exactly match the print in the photo, but it will match the design and colors you select and be of equal quality.