A fine art print, made to order, of my original design, The Phoenix And The Worm, 8x8".




    This piece is a spot illustration from my art blog post, The Phoenix Is Also The Ash and The Worm. Here's an excerpt from the blog that sums it all up:

    "There is no shame in the body’s collapse under burden or trauma, no demerit in the curled-up, ground-level tremors of exhaustion, fear, or grief. Burnout is a form of self-preservation, rife with covert fortitude. The card of overwhelming obligation and self-expenditure [the Ten of Wands] is also the card of endurance. These seasons which push us past all limits are crucibles. They rearrange our chemistries and within them, we make ourselves anew. But it is fine to first embrace with fevered ease the collapsing and the quaking. Steal a few precious, Void-kissed hours of corpselike sleep. Let yourself be the mothy, gray pile of ashes and skeletal, cindered feathers before you make yourself rise in wobbling, warbling glory. The ashes, too, are every bit the phoenix.

     . . .

    According to ancient mythology, the phoenix hatches from its ashes as a worm. Every stage, the corpse worm; the arrow-mouthed, ink-eyed, tentative babe; the odd-angled, skew-feathered fledgeling; the decrepit, avian crone; and the chalky heap of cinders, is just as much the phoenix as the honey-voiced, vermillion thing in its prime."

    The Phoenix And The Worm Fine Giclée Print


    -Fine giclée prints are made to order with archival inks on beautiful, heavy, watercolor textured paper with a bright, matte, white finish.

    -The size listed is the printed image size. Your print includes an additional 1" white border for matting and framing.

    -Colors may vary slightly from what you see on screen, as all screens are calibrated differently. The colors are beautiful in person!

    -Giclée prints drop-ship directly from the printer, a small family business in New York with excellent quality and customer service. Your print will be carefully packed and ship flat, in eco-friendly wrapping. 

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    -Gift-wrapping not available on prints made to order.