if you wander downward you will find things
Watercolor illustration: a crow pulls a gold branch from the black center of a nest. Below, mourning doves with glow worms in their chests roost upside down on a giant corvid claw, with dripping worm trails and pearls. By artist Evvie Marin.
Photograph: An array of handmade patches, dolls, and artwork for sale. Click here to visit the Evvie Marin art shop.
Artwork. Watercolor illustration: a blue hand covered in crow tattoos lowers a drop spindle toward a on open hand holding a paintbrush. Click here to visit paint and illustration galleries by Evvie Marin.
About. Watercolor Illustration: a self portrait of artist, Evvie Marin, in a chunky, green scarf, tracing a cloud of brushed script words--poetic scraps--winding around their head and trailing through their fingers. Click here to visit the bio and artist statement.
Photograph: A messy desk covered in vintage books and diaries, wooden spools of thread, and scraps of text in hand brushed script. Click here to visit the art blog.
Music. Watercolor illustration: gray lips breathe out a pale, gray-green cloud of roses, succulents, and geometric lines. Click here for the latest releases from Evvie Marin's one-man band, Mocking Cricket.
Divination. Watercolor illustration: a gray-green eye gazes into a selenite crystal ball. Click here to visit Evvie Marin's tarot site, Interrobang Tarot.
Photograph: A messy desk covered in ink and paint spattered papers, envelopes, tarot cards, messages in glass bottles, whelk shells and sprigs of lavender. Click here to sign up for my newsletters.