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Here's a pleasant and relaxing way to unwind during a soft apocalypse: coloring pages, circa 2016-2017. I don't make these anymore, but some of you might still enjoy them! Click here to download a zipped folder of the JPG print files. Print on card-stock to play with paints or markers. Regular copy paper works fine for your crayons and pencils. 

Maple Tree Coloring Page
Apple Tree Coloring Page
Creepy Crawlies Coloring Page
Octagon Web Geometric Coloring Page
Quartet Geometric Coloring Page

If articles, tarot spreads, and journaling exercises are more your speed, there's a ton of free content on the art blog and tarot blog. If music's your cup of chamomile, you can stream any albums I have out for free on Bandcamp. If you're here looking for the tarot ebooks, you want my other freebies page at Interrobang Tarot. I also send secret content in each free newsletter

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