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A photo of a messy desk covered in musical instruments, dried plants, curios, and a diary of lyrics.

Mocking Cricket Discography

A photo of Evvin Marin/Mocking Cricket standing with a fiddle.

Latest Release:
Phosphorus Lost

Mocking Cricket Phosphorus Lost album cover. A crow's claw holds a bunch of lit matches below a sprig of white bleeding heart and a branch covered in phosphorescent fungi with a lunar eclipse in the background.

Phosphorus Lost is an album inspired by proto-punk and the 1970's cultural underground, but set in a 2020's, soft-apocalyptic, feral, dreamscape, synth-folk Underground. So you're standing on the corner, waiting for the man, but the corner lies somewhere between a cheap theatre back-alley and a haunted woods, and who knows what unruly mischief your man's up to? Out now on Bandcamp. Your album purchase includes a bonus, 39-page ebook of lyrics, essays, and original artwork.

What's the value of a penny anymore within a world of many double-jawed and slipping, hidden, moray-hearted morals? Hey Mister, can you lend me better wisdom, or a token for the ferry?

Mocking Cricket What Happens Come Dusk album cover. A cricket and a crow skull in meadow brush below a full moon.

What Happens Come Dusk is a demo EP of spooky, late-night songs recorded in GarageBand in 2020, before I had access to proper tech. It's mellow, with a homespun charm. We'll revisit some of these tunes in future projects.

Your download, should you procure one, includes PDF liner notes with full lyrics and original photography and artwork.

"Ain't We Got Fun" music by Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Raymond B. Egan & Gus Kahn, 1921. Rearranged in A minor with synth by yours truly. All the other tracks are original.

Then the dawn's paintbox blush brushes glorious things!

Is it any surprise how the light-mongers cling

To the bright cream of life, simulacra of winning,

And sweet, soma pretense what happens come dusk

Is not happening?

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