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Photo of a writing desk covered in books, papers, writing tools, a candle, and vintage trinkets.


Tidal Locks book cover by Evvin Marin. A moody, watercolor beach landscape with crab claw, gull feather, and rosa rugosa.

New Release! Tidal Locks

Tidal Locks: And Other Tales You Told So Long You Can't Tell What They Mean is a salty, playfully anachronistic glimpse into the private diaries of an irreverent contemplative and amiable recluse. An illustrated blend of fiction and confession, Marin’s poetry remixes the hallucinatory symbolism of folklore, natural history, occultism, and dream to explore the deep surrealism, haunted beauty, queer urgency, and mundane heartaches of waking life in a decaying world. Available now in the shop.

We built this gate and kept it locked.

We tethered up and linked the knots

Until our knuckles polished down to bone.

We named the battened outfit Reassurance,

And we rested reassured we were alone . . .

• First edition ebook Oct. 2022.

• 105 Pages. 

• 43 Poems.

• 7 Full-page, color illustrations.

• EPUB, static layout, 18.9 MB.

Blogs & Essays

The vast majority of my blogging these days happens on Patreon, where you can catch exclusive essays on creative process, symbolism, tarot, and multimedia works in progress. My public blogs are semi-dormant this season as I prioritize long projects, but past archives are available to browse here and on my sibling site, Interrobang Tarot:

Photo of a smoking candle on a desk covered in curios, tarot cards, pink feathers, and silk scarves.
Arcana Fortuna tarot wheel illustration by Evvie "Evvin" Marin.
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