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Old as Dirt & New as Now


Major Arcana: Culture absorbs the whispers from its fringes. Give it the whispers it needs to unfuck itself. Make it more beautiful. Make it less cruel. Everything needs to change. Everything will.

Matchsticks: Art never does one thing alone. All expression is collaboration. Express the truth with beauty and clarity. Only spin beauty when useful and true.

Drops: What starts as a trickle ends in a river. What starts as a river ends in a riptide. Seek what’s old as dirt & new as now.

Arrows: Art is language, and embroidery connective tissue. Language is arrows; it points in directions. Language is arrows; it pokes things full of holes.

Gems: Find comfort and consolation in the tangled things. So long as still waking, art the art. Make the art be glorious.

Painting: Weaver & Web. Two hands, one half-human, half-crow, connected by sticky, silver threads, against an abstract, webbed background. By artist Evvie Marin
Photo: a junk shop bookshelf packed with dusty, white, blue, and green, antique glass bottles.
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