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    A high quality photo poster, made to order, of the Lovers card from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot concept art, 16x20”.



    The Lovers in tarot symbolizes choice, connection, passion, and entanglement as well as romantic love and sexuality. It's about multiple lives merging by mutual choice and profound connection, with messy, imperfect, and holy excitement.

    In this design, two figures choose to meet in recognition down to bones and ghosts. They've got their void-milk all tangled up between them. The sun bursts radiant behind them, and a carpet of roses, clovers, and lilies lies under their feet. I associate rose (love, passion, friendship) and clover (fortune, innocence, luck) with The Fool. It takes a Fool's mentality to meet another person in this manner. Lilies symbolize just about everything but the kitchen sink within art history and Victorian floral codes, but for here let's say artistry, sexuality, life within death, death within life, and devotion.

    This print features concept art circa 2015 from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot, a deck in progress which I will be reworking in a new medium as I no longer use this fine marker technique. The initial concept illustrations will only be available as prints and posters. I’ve selected highlights from the deck in progress to feature in the shop, but you can order an 8x10” custom print or message to request a 16x20” poster with any of the images currently on the Spirit Vertigo portfolio.

    Spirit Vertigo Tarot Lovers 16x20” Poster


    -Black and white prints & posters are made to order with fine quality, archival inks on beautiful, heavy, bright white, acid free, matte paper.

    -Digital prints drop-ship directly from the printer. Prints and posters ship rolled, and flatten out when framed. 

    -Gift-wrapping not available on prints made to order.

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