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    A fine art print, made to order, of the Tower card from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot concept art, 8x10".




    The Tower in tarot symbolizes catclysm and catalyst. It's about those moments when shallow-rooted or ill-conceived structures must topple and fall in a rapid re-balance. Through the Tower's dizzying shakeups or overwhelming destruction, what cannot stand surrenders to what comes next.


    In this design, we find an impressive, ornate piece of architecture lightning-struck and up in flame. This Tower was built so tall, it extends far off the page, but it was built on the edge of a cliff. We can see through the ground that its crumbling foundation is far shallower than its reach, and that its construction further destabilized the edge of earth it occupies. Its collapse was both predictable and preventable--a sneeze in the wrong direction might've tipped this thing. The lightning's presence and strike against center and base, rather than turret, suggests the involvement of Chaos, Divinity, or Fate, depending on the viewer's worldview, and calls up tales of punished hubris. Where the storm gathers, no stars are seen in the sky--their light is eclipsed by smoke and fire. But if we find ourselves moved wistfully by the beauty of falling architecture, we must also be moved by the beauty of lightning, rock, cloud, plume, and wave.

    This print features concept art circa 2015 from the Spirit Vertigo Tarot, a deck in progress which I will be reworking in a new medium as I no longer use this fine marker technique. The initial concept illustrations will only be available as prints and posters. I’ve selected highlights from the deck in progress to feature in the shop, but you can order an 8x10” custom print or message to request a 16x20” poster with any of the images currently on the Spirit Vertigo portfolio.

    Spirit Vertigo Tarot Tower 8x10" Print




    -Black and white prints & posters are made to order with fine quality, archival inks on beautiful, heavy, bright white, acid free, matte paper.

    -Digital prints drop-ship directly from the printer. Prints and posters ship rolled, and flatten out when framed. 

    -Gift-wrapping not available on prints made to order.

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