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Photograph: flat lay of a messy writing desk covered in vintage natural history books, diaries, and loose scraps of essays and poetry done in brushed ink script.
Photograph: selfie of Massachusetts artist Evvie Marin

Hi! I'm Evvie/Evvin. They/them. I'm a multi-media artist from Massachusetts, inspired by folklore, natural history, and subconscious fantasy. I specialize in traditional watercolor painting and tarot symbolism.

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Blog Mission

Art tips, shop talk, process, and musings on creative life. Fairly snarky, slightly haunted, colorful of language. Amateurs, hobbyists, pros, and lovable misfits all welcome!

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Tarot: Secret Spreads

Original, quarterly tarot spreads just for subscribers.


Weekly-ish roundups of my multimedia process in painting, writing, tarot, and music. Works in progress, creative process tips, media recs, and quick news.

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