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Of Possums, Podcasts, & Boutique Deck Goals

Stretch Goals, Blog Updates, & A Fresh Spread

Funded on Day One! Thank You!!!

We're Live On Kickstarter!

Blog Revival & Final Kickstarter Dates

Check Out The Tarot Deck Kickstarter!

Tarot News! Bracing For Kickstarter...

Proof Woot!

News Blast With Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Spooky Season Playlists

Good News For Solstice

This Month on YouTube: An Unquiet Grave

New Interview on the 8th House Healers Podcast

Introductions and Irises for YouTube

Mocking Cricket YouTube Now Live

News Blast: Art Show & Social Media Revival

New Release: Phosphorus Lost Album

New Release: Tidal Locks

Witch City Tarot Gathering Virtual Workshop Signup

Hesitance, Doubt, and The New Spirit Vertigo

Of Quick News & Interviews

NEWS: Fresh Galleries & Clearance Sale

New Designs & Blog Post! When Should It Hurt?

Does It Have To Hurt? Pain In The Creative Process…

All Art Converses With The Dead


Scrapbooking Tips & Bonus Perk Poll

New Feature: Chats

More Offerings For All Behind The Pay Wall!

Patron Exclusive Holiday Sale & Merch News

Quick News & Good Things Coming

Your Sigil For Creativity & Resilience! 

Your Patreon-Exclusive Design: Hive Wins!

Important Updates & Fun Previews!



Art Gallery: Paint Sketches With Berries & Egrets

Art Gallery: Spooky Woods Guys

February Gallery: Art Nest, News, & Previews

Gallery: Phosphorus Lost Album Art


I'll Be Damned Tarot Spread

Tied Hands Tarot Spread

Slipping Seasons Tarot Spread

Et Tu Wilde? & Ambiguous Influence Tarot Spread

The Telltale Heart Tarot Spread

The Pentacle Tarot Spread

Gem Tarot Spread

Arrow Tarot Spread

Droplet Tarot Spread

Matchstick Tarot Spread

Bones of and Option Tarot Spread

Fight of Flight Tarot Spread

Message In A Bottle Tarot Spread

Lucid Tarot Spread

Bent Tree Tarot Spread

Phoenix Divination Spread

The Witch Mask Tarot Spread

Art & Artifice Tarot Spread

Shell Full of Ocean Tarot Spread

Check Your Nonsense Tarot Spread

The Self Portrait Tarot Spread

Down The Line Tarot Spread

Wyrding Tradition Tarot Spread

The Roaring Twenties Tarot Spread

The Cat To King Tarot Spread

Retrograde Roundup Spreads!

Been There Done That Tarot Spread

Four Raccoons In A Trench-Coat Tarot Spread

The Cauldron Tarot Spread

Remix Tarot Spread 

Two Internet Sanity Tarot Spreads

The Cup Runneth Tarot Spread

Pruning Shears Tarot Spread 

What Gives? Tarot Spread

New Tarot Spread (Why The Fuck Is It Still Snowing?) & Spring Sale Codes! 

What's The Hangup? Tarot Spread

The Seriously? Seriously. Tarot Spread

Self Care Tarot Spread



Mood & Studio: Owls Fly Over The Rainbow (February 2024)

Mood & Studio: Stone Soup--Con or Spell? (January 2024)

Mood & Studio: We May Not Know Where We're Going... (December 2023)

Mood & Studio: Kissing Frogs Or Not & Stuff (November 2023)

Mood & Studio: Innocence, Choice, & Illusion (October 2023)

Mood & Studio: Follow Your Arrow (September 2023)

Mood & Studio: Swashbuckling Autumn (August 2023)

Mood & Studio: Apprentice of the Heart (July 2023)

Mood & Studio: Venus Shadows (June 2023)

Mood & Studio: Welcome To Clown School (May 2023)

Mood & Studio: Astray Is Where Life Takes Us (April 2023)

Mood & Studio: If It's Not a Beverage It's a Habitat (Feb 2023)

Monthly Mood Weather Group Reading Jan.-Feb. '23

Mood Weather Reading For The New Year (Dec. 2022)

Holiday Survival Tarot Reading 2022 (Nov. 2022)

Skull And Bones Tarot Reading (Oct. 2022)

Unabashed Pumpkin Trash Tarot Reading! (Sept. 2022)

Mercury Retrograde Group Tarot Reading (Aug. 2022)

Cup Runneth Group Reading 2022

Wash Your Damn Hands! Group Tarot Reading

Queer Magic Group Reading (Allies Included!)

Seriously? Seriously. Group Tarot Reading

Roaring Twenties Group Reading

Self Love Group Reading

Four Raccoons Group Tarot Reading

New Year Tarot Reading

Holiday Survival Tarot Reading

October Forever Tarot Reading

Equinox Tarot Reading

Unabashed Pumpkin Trash Tarot Reading

The Cup Runneth Group Reading

Summer Solstice Tarot Reading

Project Kindling Tarot Reading

April Group Reading & Tough Love Tarot Spread

Spring Equinox Tarot Reading

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading

New Year Tarot Reading

The Holiday Survival Tarot Reading



Fool's Ink Timelapse

Tutorial: Word Wheels & Digital Sigilization 

Decadence Completed

Designing New Interrobang Graphics

Concept Test: Lining Outside The Colors

Painting Decadence

Designing The Tarot Book Cover

Penciling Skull Bubbles

Penciling Decadence

Vanity Scattered & We The Ever Dressing

Work In Progress: Vanity Scattered

Painting The Light in The Lamp

Penciling The Hierophant

Penciling The Sovereign

Penciling The Empress

Penciling The Witch

Sketchbook Roundup! Tarot Studies

Penciling A New Magician

Penciling A New Fool

Inking Ermine of the Renaissance

Painting I Like These Flowers Very...

Inking Frilly Boys & Their Eggs

Art Nest: Final Pics & Symbols

Completing The Art Nest

Illustrating An Art Nest

Graphics Tutorial: Easy Doodle Frames

Painting Willowing

Painting Their Portion of The Tart

Art Process: Layering Complex Compositions 

Album Cover Painting Process

Poppies & Possibilities 

Illustrating Phosphorus Lost

Re-Inking The Phoenix & The Worm

Process & Dibs on Fresh Ghost Cats!

Musings On The Holy Virtues of Hesitance & Doubt

Mood Board Tour: The New Spirit Vertigo Tarot

Self Portrait With Mammatus Clouds And Book

Of Chiaroscuro And The Light of Cataclysm

Sigil Process Sneak Peek!

Echo's Completion

Work In Progress: Re-Inking Echo

All Things Perfect And Poisonous

Work In Progress: Let's Talk Color!

Art Influence Roundup: Perfect & Poisonous

Work In Progress: Perfect & Poisonous

Work In Progress--The 2021 Shop Collection

This Work May Be Ophelia, But It Isn't What We Are

Vaguely Familiar: The Sight Of Series

Art Class: Pencil Palooza

Art Process Roundup: Gild The Stains

Eyes of Ashes

Process Roundup: Salt Circle II & Eyes of Ashes

Process Roundup: Wrapping Up Salt The Stars

Pockets & Plumes

Slice of Life: Fresh Paint & Wicked Easy Recipes

Echo: Bed of Moss & Nest of Bone and Bruise

Work In Progress: Echo

Art Process: Sight of Goat

Cat's Cradle

Work In Progress: Cat's Cradle

Mostly Eyes This Week, Honestly

Works In Progress: Critter Sights

Of Aubrey Beardsley, Antiquated Process, and Sketch Bloopers

Chattering Place: Field of Milk & Eyes


Slice of Life: Pistachio Cake Etc. (includes a fiddle playlist)

Music Break: Sketching Two Kisses Into Winter

More Nocturnes: Sketching Thread River

Music Break: Sketching Nocturnes

Year Two of Fiddle Progress, With Finished Tunes

Music Break: Thistle Rich

Music Break! Cold As Bells Live

Music Break: Slate Sky Black Bough

Making Weird Instruments Weirder

Hark! A Result: Lucid Early Mix And Symbolism

The Making of Cold As Bells & Feather Down

A Bit of Lyric: Bless You Rapscallions 

Anatomy of a Detail: Subharmonic Dirt Voice

Hark! A Result: Unless, First Mix

Music Break: First Year of Fiddle Progress!

Of Fort Vox & Music Everywhere

Bleeding Heart EP Lyrics Roundup & Process Pod

Hark! A Result. Windowpane Nocturne Demo

Music Break: Experiments in Ostrich Tuning

Flickering Gingerbread Music & Recipes

Of Word Soup & New Lyrics

Music Break: Wounded Healers' Waltz

Music Break: Brinewife Bride

Music Break: Quicksilver

Music Break: Iris & Unquiet Grave

Music Break: She's Like The Swallow  

Music Break: Silver Dagger

Four Bottles, Out To Sea




More Verse Previews: Dorian Etc.

If You Give A Mouse A Tree Falls In A Forest

Vanitas Preview Readings

Verse For Whales, Willows, & Wildfire Skies

The First Time You Heard Gloria

Poetry Reading Preview: History Lessons

Tidal Locks Preview

The Making of Cold As Bells & Feather Down

A Bit of Lyric: Bless You Rapscallions 

Of Orderlessness And Mockingbirds

Verses For The Crafts

Bleeding Heart EP Lyrics Roundup & Process Pod

Of Word Soup & New Lyrics

Autumnal Brine Poetry Roundup 

Spring Equinox Storytime

Winter Solstice Story Time



The Salt Circle and Rock & A Hard Place Spreads

Loose Knots and Testing The Fences Spreads

Nocturne and Perfume Tarot Spreads

The Raven and Unreliable Narrator Tarot Spreads

More Edgar Allen Poe Spreads

The Diamond and King Midas Tarot Spreads

Trial By Earth & Fool's Gold Tarot Spreads

Trial By Air & Sleep of the Dead Tarot Spreads

Trial By Water & Three Mirrors Spreads

Trial By Fire & Cobalt Hush Tarot Spreads

Two Compass Tarot Spreads

Dandy Hellion and Rose & Clover Tarot Spreads

Crow and Nest Divination Spreads

The Hypnagogia & Sleepwalker's Tarot Spreads

Evergreen And Poppies Tarot Spreads

Early Bird & Night Owl Tarot Spreads

Weaver & Jack O'Lantern Tarot Spreads

Creative Bullshit & Creative Ambiguity Tarot Spreads 

Fog & Lighthouse Divination Spreads

Two Spreads For Choosing Your Battles

The High-Art Low-Brow & Camp Tarot Spreads

Hesitance & Doubt Divination Spreads

Two Handy Spreads For Court Cards

Secret Garden & Fiddlehead Divination Spreads

The Bleeding Heart & What If Tarot Spreads

Perfect Poison & Poetic License Tarot Spreads

Ursa Major & Ursa Minor Divination Spreads

Decadent & Aesthete Divination Spreads

Mask & Veil Divination Spreads

Sweet & Moody Autumn Tarot Spreads

Ophelia & Mucky Temperance's Divination Spreads

BRINY DEPTHS, etc. (Your July Muse Tarot Spreads)

Caterpillar & Moth Divination Spreads

Two Tarot Spreads for Grounding & Under-Grounding

Mockingbird & Echo Tarot Spreads

Two Boundaries Tarot Spreads

Tarot Spreads: WTF Was That About?! & Cat's Cradle



Human Tales: Reverse Engineering Folklore For Coping With People


Musings on the Sovereigns

Of Pears & Poetics

Similar But Different Part 1

The Black Ink In The Bell House

A Flippin'-Flappin' Chapter and a Half on Court Cards!

Oddly Specific Clichés of Children's Media

Opal And Silt

The Secret Lyrics of Salt The Stars

Perception is a Fascinating Vanity




Fortune's Inkwell Ebook

Back Catalog: Secret Spreads Continued

Back Catalog: The Book of Mice 

Back Catalog: Woodland Sketches 

Back Catalog: Late Autumn Illustrations Past 

Back Catalog: October Tarot Spreads (tarot spread printout downloads)

Back Catalog: Spooky Season Spread Printouts (tarot spread printout downloads)

Back Catalog: Secret Spreads (tarot spread printout downloads)

The Freshest Secret Sketches (secret sketchbook tour)

A Book Is A Living Thing (secret sketchbook tour)

Back Catalog: Reflective Studies

Inspiration Trajectory & Mood Board Tour

Back Catalog: Queer Spreads New Diagrams (tarot spread printout downloads)

Back Catalog: Visual Trajectory 2018-2023

The Phosphorus Lost Lyrics Ebook (PDF ebook download)

Phosphorus Lost--Full Album MP3s (new music downloads)

Early Mix Downloads: Lackadaisical & No Pressure (advance music downloads)

Tidal Locks Ebook Release (full length poetry ebook download)

Fresh Mixes: Unless & Cardamom Clove (advance music downloads)

Back Catalog: Early Color Sketches

Desolation Catnip (a nostalgic photo essay)

Back Catalog: Fever Arcana (Psychedelic tarot collage wallpapers)

Back Catalog: Spirit Vertigo Concept Art, Bloopers & All

Back Catalog: Tangled Ink

Digital Catalog: Early Mix Downloads! (New music demos)

Back Catalog: Art Blog Illustration Gallery & Prints (illustration gallery with print at home downloads)

Back Catalog: Stained Glass Trajectory

Back Catalog: TBT Early Ink Sketches

Digital Catalog: "Sight Of" Print At Home Files

Back Catalog: Inktober Gallery

Back Catalog: All The Coloring Pages (printable downloads included)

Back Catalog: The Barefoot August Witching Hour EP (music album download)

Digital Catalog: 8 Creative Process Tarot Spreads

Back Catalog: What Happens Come Dusk (music album download)

Back Catalog: Stars & Dirt Zine (2018)

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